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Man-Made Systems

Man-made fibers are produced from polymers. Man-made fibers are manufactured by spinning the polymer. There are three major types of spinning processes: melt, dry and wet spinning. 

Melt spinning
In melt spinning, the polymer is melted by heating. The molten polymer is pumped through the tiny holes of a spinnerette; thus the fiber is formed. The fiber is then cooled and solidified.
Simple fibre extrusion
Dry spinning
In dry spinning, polymer is dissolved in a solvent. After extrusion through a spinnerette, the solvent is evaporated and the fiber is solidified. 

Dry spinning
Wet spinning
In wet spinning, the polymer is dissolved in a solvent similar to dry spinning. After extrusion, the solvent is removed in a liquid coagulating medium. 
Wet spinning
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man made fibres fastest growing area in textile industry, we will see in everywhere soon

Man-made fibers are manufactured by spinning the polymer. There are three major types of spinning process. They are
-Melt Spinning (It is used for polymers that can be melted easily.)
-Dry Spinning (It involves dissolving the polymer into a solution that can be evaporated.)
-Wet Spinning (It is used when the solvent can’t be evaporated and must be removed by chemical means.)

What is the difference between melt spinning and dry spinning?

Melt spinning is used for polymers that can be melted i.e. the polymers must have a melting temperature (thermoplastic polymers). Dry spinning is used for polymers that do no have melting temperature and need to be dissolved in solvent (thermoset polymers). In case of melt spinning, the polymer solidifies by cooling after being extruded from the spinneret. Whereas, in case of dry spinning, the polymer solidifies through evaporation of solvents and this is achieved by a stream of air or inert gas.

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