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Woolen System

This is a versatile system for fibers with a mean fiber length of 25-80 mm, producing bulky, whiskery yarns from wool, waste fibers, reprocessed fibers, fibers of various colours, man-made fibers, and their blends. In this system, the carded web is converted to a number of slubbings rather than a single sliver. The slubbings are directly converted to yarn, and the fibers are therefore not aligned. This system may be used to produce hand-knitting yarns, carpet yarns, and yarns for the manufacture of apparel items such as certain types of women's dresswear and men's jackets. The weave pattern of fabrics made from such yarns is generally not as well defined as that in fabrics made from worsted-system yarns because of the arrangement of fibers in the yarn, the fullness of the yarn, and the effect of subsequent finishing treatments. 
The woollen system
The Worsted System
The worsted system, for fibers with a mean fiber length of 40-200 mm, consists of the two specialist operations of topmaking, where combed slivers are produced, and spinning, where the sliver is converted to a yarn. Mills may be topmakers, spinners, or vertical organisations, which carry out both the operations. Combing is an essential stage in the worsted system. The system produces lean yarns with comparatively well-defined twist from well-ordered fibers of wool, man-made staple fibers, and their blends. Yarns produced by this system are used in the manufacture of high-quality apparel fabrics, such as suitings. 
Worsted system
The Semi-worsted System
There is no combing stage in this system for fibers with a mean fiber length of 75-150mm, which handles long wools, man-made staple fibers, and their blends. This system is widely used to produce coarse yarns required for the manufacture of carpets and upholstery fabrics. The system is also used to produce hand-knitting yarns.
Semi-worsted system 

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What's the difference between Woolen and Worsted?

If you have ever gone shopping for wool fabrics you may have seen some of the fabric described as worsted, and some of it described as woolen. If you are me, you may have wondered what this meant. Aren’t all wool fabrics woolen? I mean, they are wool, right

Woolen fabrics have a soft feel and fuzzy surface, very little shine or sheen, will not hold a crease, and are heavier and bulkier than worsteds. Blankets, scarves, coating, are from woolen yarns. Worsted wool is smoother than woolen, takes shine more easily, does not sag, holds a crease well, is lighter and less bulky, and wears longer than woolen. Fine worsted wool is even seen in clothing for athletics.

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