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Letter Z


Zardozi Work: Work in which gold or silver metal threads are sewn on a fabric like satin or velvet with metallic threads to give the appearance of true embroidery.

Zari: Metallic thread twisted over cotton or silk for brocading. Also referred to, in popular parlance, asjad.

Zero-Twist Yarn: A continuous-filament single yarn in which there is no twist, (2) a multi-fold yarn in which there is no folding twist. Note 1: some fibrous yarns are described as twistless, since the fibres may be held together by adhesive temporarily e.g., Until incorporated in fabrics. Varieties of core-spun yarn and scaffolding yarn have appeared with this description after solvent-removal of one component. Note 2. Zero-twist continuous-filament yams usually become twisted by over-end withdrawal e.g., From a pirn in a loom shuttle.

Zirah: S kind of coat of mail.

Z-twist: See twist direction.

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