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Glossary of Textile Terms and Definitions, Q - Textile Dictionary

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Letter Q

Qaba: A full-sleeved garment for outer wear, worn by men, closely related to thejama. William thevenot who saw this garment frequently at the moghul court spoke of the "caba of the Indians" being wider than that of the Persians, and I cannot tell how to express the manner of it more intelligibly, than by saying it is a kind of gown with a long jerkin fastened to it.

Qamis: A shirt. Cf., Chemise.

Quench: A cooling zone in which the temperature of melt-spun filaments is lowered very rapidly and/or at a controlled rate soon after extrusion. The two main types are water-quench and air-quench.

Quilted: Two or more layers of fabric which have been stitched through, often with batting. The stitching forms a pattern, most commonly a square or diamond shape. Used for apparel, bedspreads, sleeping bags. Thermoplastic fibers such as polyester or nylon are sometimes quilted without thread by using a heat bonding method. The heat effectively melts or welds the fabric at the point of application.

Quilting: A fabric construction in which a layer of down or fiberfill is placed between two layers of fabric, and then held in place by stitching or sealing in a regular, consistent, all-over pattern on the goods. 

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